Need a solution 4 oily hands?

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200 Grams
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Getting grief about your oily hands? We have the perfect solution and you could get brownie points as well! 

Our hand cleaning set contains a tin of our hand balm, which you can use as a barrier treatment before you start work so the grime doesn't get stuck in, and a natural scrubby soap, made by our sister company Back to Nature Skincare, to get your hands really clean.

The soaps are labelled, exfoliating peppermint, for gardeners or for chefs. They are all exfoliating but the added bonus is that when you get criticised for spending too much time with your bike(s) instead of sorting out the garden or taking a turn at cooking etc etc etc, you can point out that you've just treated your self to the perfect pack to help when you've done the gardening, cooking ...................

The aluminium tin can be reused and measures 14.2cm x 10.2cm x 4cm.