Bluebeards Revenge Synthetic Travel Beard Brush

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10 Grams
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Despite its small stature, our vegan-friendly Synthetic Travel Beard Brush boasts an impressive ability to remove everyday grime to perfectly maintain a beard.

Our vegan-friendly Synthetic Travel Beard Brush features innovative bristle filaments that are created using cellulose during a sophisticated production method. In the interest of sustainability, the new bristles are made from renewable resources too. They’re also biodegradable and anti-static.

This beard-conquering brush features a beech wood body and a laser-etched version of the distinctive skull and crossbones logo – all of this striking detail in a brush so small it can be slipped neatly into any pocket.

Responsibly forested beech wood. Synthetic cellulose bristles.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Directions for use

Hold in hand and brush through facial hair from root to tip. To maintain the brush, wash it regularly in soapy water and leave to air dry with bristles facing down.